What is Fully Torqued Fitness?

Fully Torqued Fitness was conceived with the fact, that the vast majority of the entire fitness industry is smoke and mirrors. The unfortunate reality is that it’s a bunch of rhetoric and propaganda that continually gets perpetuated by young male teens and young men in their early 20’s. This often causes major body dysmorphia to men and women alike. We want to separate ourselves from everyone else, by teaching you how your body works, and show you WHY the body does what it does, ultimately you will become a student of your own body. When you can understand the WHY, you will theeemig1gn be the master of your own journey and you can carve and chisel your body to your own liking. Our premise is that in order to become content in life, you must have balance and direction. There are some things in life we cannot control, but how we look is entirely in our hands and under our control. I can tell you from personal experience that when I am in better shape and taking better care of myself, the discipline that is required to do so, overflows into other aspects of life. How we look is a reflection of our internal world, which then is a reflection of our external world. You will see for yourself that once you take control of your health, other pieces of your life will fall into place. This is so much more than just looking good for the sake of vanity. This is about adding value to your life and increasing the quality of your life.

“Fitness” should NOT consume your day to day life. In fact, it should add enjoyment to your schedule. If you aren’t looking forward to training, you’re doing something wrong. Training should be enjoyable, productive, and leave you feeling better than when you walked in.  It shouldn’t polarize you to the point where your social life has taken a beating because you can’t go out for food and drinks, with friends and family because you’re “Dieting”. You should be able to enjoy anything you want and still see results. As long as you know how to manage your energy, and stay on your customized plan, you will have very minimal sacrifices to your social life, while improving your health and physique. Fully Torqued Fitness will give you exactly what you need. Direction, Balance, and Foresight, so you can literally can get into better shape, without being miserable and still eating your favorite foods.

Our approach is simple and straightforward. Minimize training time and cardio, and maximize the results. You don’t need to be in the gym 5x per week, with twice a day cardio sessions to have fantastic results. In fact you need the complete opposite, or you’ll be over training like 90% of the population. Before I knew better, I was one of those people who believed more was better, and that you had to “tough it out ” to get to where you want to be. I was that person going to the gym 5x per week and lifted if I was already sore. It wasn’t until I started learning about the human body while studying Kinesiology where I realized EVERYTHING I knew was wrong. The Fully Torqued Fitness approach has taken me years to develop. Through trial and error, as well as learning about the intricacies of my body, i finally found a combination of strategies that will allow me to eat the foods I want, not kill myself in the gym, still have a VERY active social life, and still be able to not only maintain any gains, but increase them.  Let me share with you my wealth of knowledge so you can finally be the best version of yourself possible. The confidence and self esteem you gain is worth far more than any gold you have, this is promise you.

Why Fully Torqued Fitness?

Ryan’s expertise in understanding the human body has a very unique combination. Not only was he a collegiate athlete in two sports all through college, but he also possesses his Kinesiology degree. Also as a paramedic he has seen first hand what happens to the body after decades of abuse and neglect. His philosophy is holistic in the sense that you aren’t merely trying to just change the way you look, you are changing yourself from the inside out. His approach reaches far beyond the superficial aesthetics, and encompasses total strength and conditioning, lifestyle, and daily habits. He teaches you how to develop positive lifestyle changes that will benefit you as long as you live.

One thing Ryan strongly stands against is that, most online coaches teach the “contest prep” method which includes meal prepping and crash diets, and unreasonable amounts of gym time and cardio. This approach works for fitness models and bodybuilders builders simply because they are usually endorsed and get paid to do this. They cut for 12-16 weeks and then step on stage or in front of the camera. What they don’t tell you is that those results are not permanent and are merely temporary. Not only are they temporary, but they can pose threats to your physical and psychological health. You only see the final result and the “highlight reel”. You’ll never see the struggle or the eating disorders that are developed from this kind of lifestyle, simply because the industry glamorizes this.  You’ll also never see the weight rebound after they are done competing or shooting.

This lifestyle is obviously extremely difficult to maintain, and comes at a high price. Frankly it is not meant for a person who has a regular 9-5. Only the professionals who make money from this lifestyle are the only ones that can live this way. If you are not a professional making money from this “prep method”,it should not even be an after thought. Fully Torqued Fitness shows you the important factors you should be focusing on, and specific strategies to implement that will get you the results you want, and KEEP them without jeopardizing health!!!!  The program is designed to add value to your life, increase your overall health, and allow you to keep focused on the important things. There are no short cuts to this, just dedication and discipline. There are no substitutes for either of those. The path for your goals is already paved, all you need you to do is walk it. The programs that have been developed are performance based, and will challenge you in ways you may never have been challenged before. This is why Fully Torqued Fitness is different from everyone else. Usually trainers focus on the weight on the scale, Fully Torqued Fitness focused on the weight on the bar.



The first main app is MyFitnessPal. It is one of the most popular web-based exercise and fitness social media applications available. MyFitnessPal (MFP) helps you keep track of your daily food and beverage intake, calculating all your nutrients, calories, and vitamins for you. This enables you to analyze patterns and find out what your diet is missing or where you need to cut back a little.

MFP’s “HelloHealthy” blog is loaded with great recipes, and tons of health and wellness tips. MyFitnessPal also connects with many of the popular activity tracking devices and mobile apps such as the Fitbit, the Lumo Lift, and the Polar Loop. These devices can track your steps, calories burned, active time, and more.

Beyond all that, MyFitnessPal offers a Facebook-like community section. Here you can find and follow friends, share your workout and food diaries, and get motivation, inspiration, and accountability for your quest.

One reason MyFitnessPal is so popular is that it is 100 percent free! No “free trials” or bait-and-switch premium editions here, no sir. Just put up with a few ads and you’re good to go

  nutrition myfitnesspal-best-health-fitness-2014 diet-2

This is Trainerize. This is the master app we will be using to track all aspects of your training. I create your workouts, create your calendar, and oversee your strength and conditioning progress all within this app.  You are able to add your weekly measurements, track your calorie goals that is synced from MyFitnessPal, and see streaming videos of exercises demonstrations from this app. This app has revolutionized training and has allowed me to train people all over the country and the world. This personal training software and mobile app is trusted by 25,000 fitness professionals and health clubs worldwide. Here are some screen shots so you can see the versatility.
Trainerize Features Nutrition Tracking
Trainerize Features Message Clientsapp-trainerize-1

Think of achieving your fitness goal like this. There are 24 hours in a day, if your work out lasts 90 min (which is considerably long), those 90 min make up a very small faction of your day. If you only have time for a 45 min workout, then obviously it will account for a smaller percentage. CLEARLY you can’t expect 6% of your total day to account for any more than 6% of your results. Try to wrap your head around this for logic’s sake.

1.5 hours / 24 hrs = 6.25% of your entire day.

That means there is still 93.75% that is left for you to piss away your hard work and have nothing to show for it. Looking at the big picture, working your ass off in the gym or on the elliptical  without having the other 93% of your day taken care of is a waist of time and energy. Like I said before, sets and reps are literally a fraction of what needs to get done. Your energy intake is far easier to manipulate since you can control how much goes in. With this being said, nutritional value and total energy consumed are a much larger players in the grand scheme of things.

FULLY TORQUED FITNESS bridges the gap between gym time and lifestyle. You must understand that the majority of your results come from the amount of food you consume, also the overall lifestyle and habits you have will define you over a general period of time, maybe even your life. What makes matters worse is that even though most people attempt to take control of the 93% of their time, they are misinformed by half truths and whole lies, and misconceptions that are taken blindly without ever asking why. With FULLY TORQUED FITNESS, 100% of your day is covered by not just giving you a workout plan, but by giving you daily goals to strive for. We will clear up any and all misconceptions, using the principles of nature called physiology. It is important to understand that in order to make the body change, the more aggressive we are, the less likely it will adapt. There will be low calorie days,  and maintenance, days depending on what your goals are. Keep in mind there is absolutely no possible way to outwork a terrible diet that is high in calories and low in nutrition. In fact most people in the US are overfed and undernourished. With simple techniques, and strategies, your effort in the gym will be easily reflected by how you look. It’s much easier than you think, the only difference is I have hacked my own body to make it do what I want it to. Now it’s your turn to take control of your body so that you can chisel your body to your own liking.