***Training Locations***

There are two locations where Personal Training sessions are held. In north Orange County sessions are held at West Grove Fitness  in West Garden Grove, right off the 22 and 405 fwy. In South Orange County, they are held at Peak Optimum Performance in San Juan Capistrano. I am lucky enough to be in the good graces of both of these gym owners for them to let me use their state of the art facilities. These are the ONLY gyms in Orange County that is scaled to this massive size for private use.

West Grove Fitness

North Orange County


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Optimum Peak Performance

South Orange County


Online Training Packages


16 weeks (4 months)

Have you lost a good amount of weight? Have you seemed to hit wall and your progress has completely flat lined? Believe it or not, this is very common. If you have around 20 pounds or less to lose, this program will smash through your wall like the kool-aid man and get your metabolism BURNIN’!! Once you know how to break the plateau, it is clear sailing!


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“Feel Great Look Great”

12 weeks (3 months)

This 12 week program is ideal for individuals who want to tighten up, drop those last few pounds and get ready for a an upcoming vacation, or, for those day clubs in Vegas, you know what I’m talking about. You will have a combination of strength days, circuit days, conditioning weeks and alternate between high and low calorie days, depending on what your specific goals are. Mind you, this is NOT a prepping program. The results you see from this program are easy to maintain with a few given strategies to implement. Spring Break is right around the corner! DON’T WAIT!

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“Strength and Conditioning for Athletes”

12 weeks (3 months)

If you are a High School or College athlete looking for a training program to help you perform at your best, look no further. There will be sports specific drills and training that will directly translate to the field, court, or rink. This program will have you strong, explosive and ready to go right when the season comes around. Off season programs are also custom to the athlete.


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“Add Lean Mass”

12 weeks (3 months)

Guys, if you are looking to fill out a T-shirt 1 size larger, or ladies, looking to add curves to your body, this is the plan for you! When guys add muscle, they add slabs of meat to them, ladies, when you add muscle you become tight and curvy. If you are looking to finally build the body you want, this program is screaming your name!


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“Hybrid Training”

Online Coaching Services

This program is the bread and butter of everything I have created! Hybrid refers to in person training session as well as using online platforms and apps to continue your training in between our sessions. This program is recommended for anyone who lives in a 50 mile radius of Orange County. The standard  “in person trainers” at the regular gyms wash their hands of you as soon as you walk out of the gym, in fact they don’t even think about you until you see them next. If you are serious and committed to your goals, having a “trainer” isn’t enough. You need someone to coach you along your way and oversee your progress to make sure everything you’re doing is in line with your goals. The idea of the hybrid training is to close the gap and fully encompass your training experience, so ensure you reach your goals.

Here is an Example of how it would work:

Say you live 40 miles away, we would have 1 training session per week or bi-weekly, depending on your schedule. If your program requires you to workout 4x per week, one of the sessions would be with me, and your other workouts will be uploaded on the app. Not only will you have your workouts, but I will be able to see your food diary, macro goals, calorie goals, progress pictures, and measurements as well. You will follow your program at your regular gym and when we train, I will see how you are progressing, make any tweaks as necessary and give you some tips for the upcoming week. This truly allows me to expand my services to individuals who don’t live in a close proximity. If you are interested in only online training, that is also an option.


24 weeks + (6 months +)

If you are tired of looking and feeling sluggish, clothes just aren’t fitting anymore and want to get back to the days where you had tons of energy. This program is for you! This is the longest most constructed program I have created for individuals wanting to lose 30+ lbs. This specific program is not about vanity. This program will focus on giving you your life back. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You will learn to enjoy the journey, and not focus on the destination. For long term goals, it is absolutely essential to make small changes little by little, because as time passes, it will add up. In this case, slow and steady wins the race. The amount of weight wanting to be lost will determine the length of the program and I encourage you not to be shy about this. You will have support every step of the way.

Full Online Coaching

FULL ONLINE COACHING allows me to oversee the big picture, including your progression inside and out of the gym. Everything from body measurements, body fat, weight, calories, macros and micros and sleep patterns will give me information I need in order to guide you down YOUR path. The more data I have of each individual, the more it will allow me to customize programs as much as possible as we progress. You will be sent a 12 week overview of what you can expect in the upcoming weeks. Just to have an idea of what to expect, you will have calorie ranges, workouts per week, style of training, deload weeks, and conditioning weeks that will all vary as we move through phases of training. Training is not meant to be a static approach, just as our body adapts to our training, we must constantly be monitoring all variables so we can alter them as necessary and avoid plateaus. This option is literally best for EVERYONE. Whether you want to get in shape for Summertime, Vacation, a Wedding, Family pictures, or just want to feel better, this is perfect for everyone with all backgrounds and training levels. You will learn a lot about yourself and your body and I will teach you how to listen to your body’s whisper.


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