Mission Statement


“To educate as many individuals as possible, using academically substantiated nutritional information, training philosophies and psychology, so you can still be yourself while getting in the best shape of your life.”

Fitness is a journey of physical and mental growth and change, and Ryan understands that in order to be successful one must also train to have a positive mindset. Ryan’s outgoing and positive attitude, along with his passion for fitness and self improvement, only encourages his clients to strive for their personal best. Since a young age, Ryan has kept up an active lifestyle through various organized sports, which continued through his academic career. While earning his Kinesiology degree from Whittier College, Ryan also played football and competed in track and field for 4 years. In addition to his continuous education in the health and fitness world, Ryan also earned his paramedic license from UCLA, allowing him to develop an even deeper understanding of the human body and why exercise is essential. Ryan also recently received his Pn:1 certification from Precision Nutrition. It is a world class program that focuses on habits and behavior rather than just food. It is widely recognized across the globe and its systems have been tested on over 1oo,000 individuals. His love for an active lifestyle is not only evident through his chosen educational and career paths, but also through his continued quest to be challenged physically. His most recent physical accomplishment was competing in the 2016 U.S. Outrigger Championships paddling from Catalina Island to Newport Beach. His personal experience and eight-year history as a personal trainer has taught him that fitness is not only a physical challenge, but a mental one as well.

His training career has included athletes from high school and college , world champion figure skaters, endurance athletes, as well as weekend warriors. Ryan feeds off the passion and work ethic of his clients which further pushes him to become even better.

The Ugly Truth

In order to understand his approach, you must first understand what exists in the Fitness industry. First and foremost as of September 1st 2016, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that 66.8% of all american adults are overweight and 36.5% are obese. Clearly the country is a perfect market for the “Fitness Industry” to thrive in. For statistics sake, the national government spending for healthcare in 2015 was $3.2 trillion. In 2015, the supplement industry and health club industry netted $150 billion in revenue. With the majority of the general adult population being overweight, the Fitness industry sets the stage for all sorts of magic pills and potions and training programs to sell you.

The unfortunate reality is that the industry is not about helping you achieve your goals, nor do they care about your health . The vast majority of products that exist are designed to exploit your ignorance and generate revenue. It’s not to say that every product and every person is selling snake oil. But the marketing strategies are absolutely genius for the lay person.  When it comes down to business, some people have no problem lying, misinforming you, or twisting information for the sake of making a dollar. With that being said, those who are formally educated, understand the foundations of training such as anatomy, physiology, and bio-mechanics; meaning those individuals are much better equipped to navigate the sea of perpetuated propaganda and rhetoric.

Go to any gym across the country and you will see 98% of the so called “expert” personal trainers are no more than professional rep counters who are on instagram while you are in the middle of your set. Even people who mean well are merely just perpetuating common myths passed along by the gym crowd. I personally observe countless individuals wander around the gym doing countless sets of cable chest flies, then go and hit curls. The majority of the people often spin their wheels in the gym day in and day out with no actual strategy or plan. I see the same individuals 3 months later looking exactly the same and doing the same workouts. If people are going to spend 5+ days in the gym per week, they should at least have a structured plan so they don’t waste time and actually gain some benefit. When it comes to making physical changes, every move that is made should be done with intent. It is like a chess game where every move that is done should deliberate and intentional.  Needless to say, why would anyone spend so much time doing something when there aren’t making any progress.  This is where Fully Torqued Fitness comes in.