What is the point of going to the gym if you have nothing to show for it?

Stop going through the motions and learn strategies and techniques to apply immediately.

Fully Torqued Fitness is about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, that allows you to achieve the body you desire without making major sacrifices. You will learn exactly how to EAT, TRAIN and REST and finally see changes you wish to see.

Nutritional Coaching

PN Cert

First and foremost, nutrition is make or break. You are either vibrant, healthy, energetic, or you aren’t. You are either making visible progress with your goals or you’re not. As an athlete, you’re either entering the battlefield or the ring fully fueled or you’re doomed from the start. Food is our medicine and our fuel, we are what we eat and there is no way around that. If you’ve tried every diet that exists and are still frustrated, you’re not alone. I have spent the last decade intensely studying how the body works and learning everything I can for myself. Now I’m sharing my knowledge and want to help as many people as I can. Every bite you take is either a step forward or backwards, with the right structure and accountability, I guarantee you will see the results you have been wishing for.

This isn’t just another nutrition program that focuses on eating healthy; this is YOUR road map to help you reach your goals and maintain them once and for all! Through an individualized habit based coaching system, you will be making positive changes and creating new habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle at a pace that is comfortable for YOU. With the help of your nutrition coach, you will learn how to listen to your body, fuel it properly, and become more intuitive so you can understand the decisions you make regarding your food choices and why. With a focus on learning your psychological and emotional triggers, you will be able to form new, healthy habits within your comfort zone and at your own pace. You will also learn strategies and techniques to maximize your performance and make the changes you have been wanting.

Hybrid Training

If you can get your nutrition under control and practice consistency, congratulations! At this point you can have no idea what you’re doing in the gym and probably be leaner than 90% of the people in there. However if you want to get dialed in and take your physique to the next level, then reps, sets, rest and cardio now come into play. The majority of people at the gym do basic body building splits. At 22 years of age, I was just as guilty. Now that my methods and understandings have been perfected and refined for the better part of a decade, I now use precision with people I work with. I look at balance, functionality, symmetry and conditioning and attack your first weakness. Conditioning is 99.9% of the populations downfall. The only cardio people do is run on the treadmill, which is extremely ineffective if you’re pressed for time, or just hate running in general, I know I do. So I am tactical in how I approach each and everyone of my clients. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and with your nutrition on dialed in, coupled with the basic principles of strength and conditioning you will be unstoppable. You will be incinerating body fat, and adding lean mass to your body to keep you strong, functional, and most importantly conditioned. There is no substitute for being a well rounded, fit human being. Especially athletes, they will take their performance to a new heights.

The Hybrid Training works as a supplemental session to your already strong workout routine. I correct any faulty movement patters, increase your mobility in for lifts that will change the way you look and perform, as well as show you how to correctly perform advanced exercises to really carve and chisel you. Sessions can be 1x per week or every other week depending on your distance and availability. Consider this a teaching session to maximize your performance in strength. Sometimes schedules don’t align and life happens. Rather than your progress being reliant and dependent  on our sessions, this will be more like a check in to make sure you are progressing correctly and do any fine tuning that is necessary.



Initial progress is easy. You will learn techniques and strategies that will help you stay on track for your goals and minimize plateauing.


We will communicate our goals and visions, set expectations, accept a reasonable amount of failure, make success attainable for YOU, address mistakes and work together. This is a TEAM effort.


Fully Torqued Fitness will not only help you reach your goals, but teach you how to maintain them. Make this Journey a lifestyle change so your results wont be temporary, but permanent.